Pets are welcomed in specific lodging locations if they follow the pet policy guidelines.  Pet friendly lodging locations include Motel Rooms 7 and 8, Waterfront Cabins 11 and 12, and all Trailer and all House Rentals.   Failure to follow the pet policy could result in a $250 fee.  Please read the following carefully before deciding to bring your pet.    

•No big dogs or cats allowed.  Dogs must be 40lbs or less.

•No more than 1 pet may be housed in any guest lodging location without prior approval of Pope’s Landing.

•Pope’s Landing reserves the right to refuse housing of any pet at it’s sole discretion for any reason.

•Pets must be kept on a leash in public areas at all times.

•Pets must be cleaned up after

.•If a complaint is received about a noisy or aggressive pet, the owner will be contacted.  If the problem persists, or if the pet has bitten another guest or employee, the owner will be asked to remove the pet from the property.  

•Pope’s Landing reserves the right to refuse housekeeping services for those guest rooms and cabins with an unattended pet, not confined to a carrier.  You may need to arrange a time to service your room with the front office staff in advance.

•Pope’s Landing is not responsible for unattended pets that may exit the guest lodging entry door.

•Pets must be properly groomed for indoor conditions, and treated of any fleas or mites.  Fumigation charges may incur if this is not the case.  

•A non refundable Cleaning Fee of $40 will be charged for each lodging location.  If you are staying in multiple locations, $40 will be charged for each location stayed in.

•Guests will be held responsible for any damage caused by or liability arising from his/her pet to any person, guest room, cabin, or any other area of Pope’s Landing.  Payment of the Pet Cleaning Fee does not relieve the guest of this responsibility