Pope's landing rv park rules


  1. No recreational vehicle or travel trailer over 10 years old or exceeding 35 feet in length (excluding hitch) and 10 feet in width. Any exceptions will need express written consent from management.
  2. All recreational vehicles or travel trailers must be currently registered, on wheels, and in readily moveable condition. All windows and doors must be intact and in working condition.
  3. All recreational vehicles or travel trailers must be self contained, with drainage lines capped unless connected to our lift station.
  4. You must get construction approval by Pope’s Landing Marina for all structures, porches or decks, and must not exceed 400 square feet in total area. No porch or deck coverings other than factory roll-out awnings shall be permitted without written approval. Allstructures must be built by a licensed and bonded contractor. See Pope’s Landing Office forcomplete instructions. Any structure built without permission will be required to be torn down.
  5. Existing docks and decks must be repaired and kept in good condition.
  6. An annual fee of $60 for each pier/dock, and $100 for a water pump, has been levied by the Sabine River Authority. Please remit these amounts with your lease payment to Pope’sLanding Marina, if applicable.
  7. Please adhere to the 15 mph speed limit and drive on designated roads, NOT ON THE GRASS, whenever possible. We do not allow 4-wheelers, go carts, ATVs, Mules or motor bikes/motorcycles on our private roads.
  8. Anyone operating a golf cart on Pope’s Landing Marina’s properties must be a licenseddriver or accompanied by a licensed driver.
  9. Pets are to be kept on a leash at all times! You must be respectful of the facilities and your neighbors by cleaning up after your pet. Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinschers are strictly prohibited at Pope’s Landing Marina. No exceptions!
  10. You are responsible for keeping your lot mowed, weed eated and cleared of all debris, leaves and trash from the road to the lake’s edge. We know you all try hard to keep your lots clean and we appreciate your hard work. Please keep miscellaneous items picked up and put away around your lot when you are not visiting your trailer. Under the trailer and deck isnot meant for storage. Only patio/outdoor furniture is allowed outside. If you can’t keep thegrass around your lot mowed, please contact the office. If needed, we will mow and bill you accordingly at our rate of $40/hour. Outside watering is banned due to cost and other restrictions.

  1. Due to fluctuations in water pressure which may cause a water leak inside or outside your trailer, please turn off the water to your trailer upon leaving. If you do not and a leak arises, you will be billed for repairs and water usage.
  2. You are responsible for winterizing your trailer and after disconnecting water lines to your trailer, you must open the faucet to prevent the PVC from expanding and breaking. If you should have problems with this or questions, please contact the office or you will be billed for plumbing repairs in the future.
  3. No electrical wiring may be attached to trees, including Christmas lights, decorative RV lights, vapor lights, etc. If you are currently in violation, please remove.
  4. There are three dumpsters located at Pope’s Landing Marina for your convenience. These dumpsters are for your household trash only. All other items, mattresses, refrigerators, sofas, bbq, lawnmowers, etc. are not to be placed in or around the dumpsters. No trash is to be left on the ground around the dumpsters. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE PUT FISH GUTS IN THE DUMPSTER.
  5. Please limit fish cleaning to the centralized fish cleaning station on the dock located behind the office/store. Throw fish waste in the water, not the dumpsters.
  6. Please respect the neighbors around you. NO LOUD MUSIC OR DISTURBANCES of any kind between the hours of 10:00 pm – 7:00 am.
  7. No subleasing of lots allowed, or making your RV into a nightly rental business.
  8. If you are not renewing your lease, you must leave your lot in as good of condition as you received it. All improvements made to a lot are to remain with the lot when you leave.
  9. Fireworks are permitted only during the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve holidays. Nofireworks after midnight allowed. With your personal safety and property a priority, fireworks will only be allowed at designated areas to be announced just prior to the holiday each year.
  10. Physical violence or threats of physical violence will not be tolerated.
  11. Swimming on the boat ramps, B-Dock, D-Dock, Fish cleaning Dock, and Launch Dock is prohibited.
  12. There is a $2500 fee for any park home brought into the park. This fee includes assisting with placement, meeting with delivery driver, and hooking up water and sewer. This fee will be waived for park homes purchased from Clearance Park Homes.

If you should have any questions regarding the above rules and regulations, contact us at the office (903) 765-2385 or email Info@PopesLanding.com.

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Pope's Landing Marina Park Rules (doc)